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Why I am a Champion for this Cause

Seven years ago, I returned to Ithaca after quitting my job in Colorado. Finding myself without health insurance, I visited the Ithaca Free Clinic at its previous location on Fulton St next to Agway, and was treated kindly by the staff and doctor on duty that day. Two years later, when the Ithaca Health Alliance was seeking members to serve on its board, I eagerly volunteered. I have been serving on the board ever since, and recently joined the volunteer staff at the Clinic as a dietitian.

What many people don’t think about, or realize, is that everyone is just one natural disaster, one life-threatening illness, one job layoff away from poverty. Many of us experienced this in 2008, when the financial crisis hit, and many are still recovering. Those who believed they would never be out of a job, and would never be without health insurance, find themselves seeking aid wherever they can find it.

The Ithaca Health Alliance helps those who need medical care in three ways: Most visibly, by the Ithaca Free Clinic, where anyone who lacks sufficient insurance coverage can get medical attention. Through our Education Program, we also provide educational workshops, a quarterly newsletter, and other opportunities to promote health. Finally, we have just brought back the Ithaca Health Fund, which provides grants for certain medical or dental expenses for those in financial need.

Our volunteer clinicians work hard to provide excellent medical and ancillary care to our community. However, our mission cannot succeed without financial support. Please support the Ithaca Health Alliance by donating today. Your donation supports your community members, your neighbors, and perhaps someday, yourself.

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